1. warrant, warranty, guaranty, Law. covenant of warranty, Law. warranty deed, Law. certificate, Law. certification, Obs. vouch; insurance, indemnity, protection, Insurance. coverage; contract, compact, covenant, obligation, engagement, agreement; gentlemen's agreement, handshake, bargain, deal, pact, convention, treaty; certainty, Inf. sure thing, Sl. cinch.
2. pledge, promise, assurance, word, word of honor, oath, sworn statement, Archaic. plight; endorsement, testimonial, attestation, recommendation.
3. guarantor, warrantor, voucher, sponsor, bonder, Law. bondsman, Law. bondswoman; insurer, ensurer, indemnitor, underwriter, Insurance. coverer; Law. covenantor, obligator; endorser, attester, patron, supporter, backer.
4. insured, indemnitee, mortgagee, Rare. insurant.
5. collateral, surety, Law. security, earnest, deposit, Law. earnest money; pawn, gage, bail, Insurance. bond, Law. mortgage, Law. mortgage bond, Law. bail bond, Rare. hostage.
6. ensure, secure, Finance. bond, Law. mortgage, Sl. cinch; pawn, gage, put up collateral, give earnest money, make a deposit, obligate; warrant, vouch, attest to, testify to, endorse, certify; contract, covenant, enter an agreement, make a bargain or deal, shake on it.
7. sponsor, countersign, underwrite, witness, answer for, stand behind, back up.
8. promise, pledge, plight, give one's solemn word or promise, state on one's honor, swear to, state under oath; assure, offer assurance, asseverate, avouch, aver, affirm, say for certain or sure.
9. insure, indemnify, protect, Insurance. cover

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